Innovation Award Winner

Ryan Gebauer is the November Innovation Awards Winner

Ryan Gebauer

Ryan Realty Group Florida November

Ryan Gebauer, owner of Ryan Realty Group, is a successful broker in the south Florida market and specializes in working with disabled clients and seniors. Ryan is the first and only severely disabled real estate broker and brokerage in the United States. Born and raised in South Florida, Ryan has in-depth knowledge of the area and properties that serve the needs of the disabled and aging community. 

Going Above and Beyond 

Ryan's selflessness and commitment to his clients can best be described by an out-of-state client Ryan had the opportunity to serve. Ryan was presented with an opportunity to list a property where the owner inherited the house after her father passed. She needed an agent with experience, especially one working with owners out-of-state. After listing the property, major rain caused leaks to appear on the ceiling. Ryan visited the property on a daily basis to make sure the property was secure and in good condition. Ryan notified the owner in Georgia and put a gameplan together so the property wouldn't go for days with more rain intrusion. Within a couple of hours, the property had tarps, sandbags, fans, a roofer, and general contractors to estimate the repairs needed. The rain continued for days while the property was contained with no further damage. Ryan is well connected to local resources in order to best assist his clients in any situation. 

Giving Back

Ryan is the first and only severely disabled real estate broker and brokerage in the United States. Ryan's been paralyzed for 24 years as a result of a diving injury when he was 16 years old. He's earned his MBA at Florida Atlantic University in 2008. After graduate school, he went on to assisting with developing the largest SCI group in Florida, whereby he continues to run the Broward group as of today. He's passionate about assisting disabled and newly injured people with housing. He uses his Never Give Up outlook on life to be a positive light on his team.

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