Innovation Award Winner

Paul Carroccio

Paul Carroccio

TPW Real Estate Vermont Inaugural Innovator

Being an Innovator in Real Estate means that Paul Carroccio is someone who is constantly going above and beyond for his community. Paul is committed to growing his career and his dedication to his clients proves that he's in the real estate business for more than just making a sale.

Learn more about Paul's innovation in real estate below.

Going Above and Beyond the Job

Paul always finds the best in you and never doubts anyone's abilities or potential. Paul enables everyone around him to do their best and to think outside of the box. He always thinks of new ways to chip in and help the community by sponsoring and organizing events, i.e. the Bluegrass Festival. Paul is also the treasurer of the Dorset Theater and helps with the promotion of the local performing arts.

A Commitment to Developing Professionally

Paul is a frequent guest speaker at many social and charity events in Manchester and the Mountains. Paul connects people to share ideas and opportunities for mutual growth and/or promotion. Through Paul's charitable events, various committees, and Boards, our company benefits from a lot of interesting opportunities that produce new clients and strengthen our existing customer base.

A Focus on Customer Service

Paul volunteered to help with the first annual Bluegrass Festival that hosted more than 2,000 people at the Riley Rink fields in Manchester. Paul was the fuel truck delivery driver, delivering diesel two nights in a row for the food vendors. On many occasions, Paul helped the sellers of the homes he sold make final preparations before closing. For example, he hired a moving truck and personally helped pack the van and drive it to New York City, just to make sure everything went smoothly and our client had the best experience ever working with TPW Real Estate. Paul also helped with a house and garage/bar clean-up to get the house ready for showings - again, all without any compensation, just to help out!

Contributing to the Community

Paul is the founding member and President of the Manchester Business Association. MBA helps promote the town of Manchester and its businesses by developing strategies that include advertising, promotion, and events to increase the number of visitors to Manchester.

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