Innovation Award Winner

Mike Spears is the January Innovation Award Winner

Mike Spears

Lee & Associates Texas January

Mike Spears, SIOR, CCIM has established a remarkable career spanning over 18 years with more than $1 billion in transactions. He specializes in the greater Houston area, primarily focusing on the north and northwest submarkets. Mike’s always said he knows he’s never been the tallest, fastest, strongest or smartest person in the room, but he’s worked impeccably hard to position himself as a leader. During the start of his real estate career, he faced one of his biggest challenges of not asking for help when he needed it the most. After the great realization that a team is stronger than an individual, Mike was determined to build a strong, supportive team. This experience allowed him to become a more effective leader and instill positive qualities to his employees. The biggest takeaway was to never be afraid to ask for help because there is no “I” in team.

Going Above and Beyond

Many of the younger brokers in the office see Mike as a role model and are grateful for the strong ethical foundation he has passionately built. Mike doesn’t shy away from mundane or difficult tasks to ensure he is equal to the team. Everyone in the office considers Mike to be very approachable, and in times where conflict may arise, they are never hesitant to bring up any issues. This translates across to how he handles client relationships because he’s very personable. He treats everyone with the same respect and genuinely wants to help others reach their interpretations of success. Creating an internship program was vital to Mike, especially in the recruiting process. The Houston office has hired a large number of interns over the years that have become top producers of the company.

Mike views the whole office as one team and takes the time to train and mentor other brokers whenever he can. This allows him to pass on the information and learn to better his skills because when you’re explaining ideas to someone else, you’re learning in the process. Mike takes this opportunity to learn from the younger brokers and constantly self-evaluates on ways he can improve his practice. This allows him to find more innovative ways to complete transactions or improve internal functions at the Houston office. Mike also makes it a point to partner with every broker in the office and mentor them through transactions; this is especially great for the younger brokers who get a chance to work with C-Suite level real estate professionals.

Giving Back

Mike understands the importance of giving back to the local community and devoting time to support those in need, especially in times after a natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey. Since the devastating storm made landfall two years ago, Mike has spearheaded numerous initiatives to give back to the city of Houston. Collectively, the Lee & Associates Houston office donated their time, money and hearts to those affected during and after the storm. Hurricane Harvey taught Mike valuable lessons, such as the importance of preparedness, which led to creating and implementing new protocols for natural disaster preparedness, which also include multiple dedicated days of service throughout the year. On a national scale, Mike founded and currently sits on the board of Lee & Associates’ 501(c)(3) charitable organization called CompassionateLEE, a foundation focused on service and offering assistance to communities in times of crisis.

Outside of Hurricane Harvey, Mike has been involved with various charitable, nonprofit and civic-minded organizations in the greater Houston area for more than a decade. Volunteering and giving back to the community provides him with an outlet to express his passions and support great causes; it’s an essential part of personal growth and character development.

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