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Krista Mashore is the August Innovation Awards Winner

Krista Mashore

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Coach, author, trainer, speaker, and broker Krista Mashore developed a highly successful real estate career before turning her attention to sharing the secrets to her success through her writing, coaching, speaking, and training. Krista has sold just around 2,000 homes in her career and has been ranked in the Top 1% of REALTORS® in the entire nation. Krista’s innovative approach flies in the face of conventional wisdom about how REALTORS®, other professionals, and all business owners should promote and market themselves. Krista lives in Northern California with her husband and three children. An active member of her community, her latest non-profit organization, Teens Lifting Lives, is a mentoring and peer coaching group that gives young people the tools and encouragement they need to achieve their own success.

Learn more about Krista's contributions and innovations to the real estate industry below. 

Going Above and Beyond 

Krista has helped numerous REALTORS® throughout the country through her best selling books, coaching, webinars, and courses. She has invested her time and energy so others can achieve the success they want through her proven groundbreaking techniques to real estate marketing.

A Commitment to Developing Professionally 

She truly pours herself into her career and does as much education and research to stand out from competitors as possible. This is reflected in her variety of certifications, specialist roles, and adviser positions, including her Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Krista takes the time to fully understand real estate laws, concepts, and education to help her clients, colleagues, and the surrounding community succeeds. 

A Focus on Customer Service 

Krista recognized that within the real estate industry, agents don't always feel comfortable being active on social media. To combat this, she created the 15 Day Challenge to help other REALTORS® become successful and comfortable on social media. This challenge helps agents take away any apprehension about technology away by teaching them how to adopt the appropriate technologies into their daily social marketing ventures. 

Contributing to the Community 

Currently, Krista is working on a new philanthropic program she created, Teens Lifting Lives, which is dedicated to helping teens change their mindsets and help lead a prosperous life. It is an 8-week program, devoted to 20 students who commit themselves to the rules and ideas of the program. Once they finish the program, they each earn $1,000 and donate at least $250 to the charity of their choice.

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