Innovation Award Winner

Jared Gruber

Jared Gruber

JG Real Estate Pennsylvania December 2018

Being an Innovator in Real Estate means that Jared Gruber is someone who is constantly going above and beyond for his community. Jared is committed to growing his career and his dedication to his clients proves that he's in the real estate business for more than just making a sale.

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Going Above and Beyond the Job

Exemplified purely by the growth of the company, Jared has taken a property management business that managed about 10 properties in 2011 to a bit over 800 in 7 years. The drive and persistence that he had in the first few years to make sure the business was successful has not waned. There is a constant evolution to business practices as this market is continually evolving and the company he runs does it's best to work in the same way. I also can't remember a time where an employee has requested something from Jared or a client has asked for him to work with them on something and he hasn't listened and truly heard what they needed. There are a lot of people that can listen and don't do anything with it afterward, but he acts on those requests and does what he can to improve other people's lives.

A Commitment to Developing Professionally

As the business began focusing on property management, he perfected it and opened it up to be more involved with other areas of the industry. There is something to be said for someone that is so proud of their accomplishments but is always looking for ways to improve themselves and their business.

A Focus on Customer Service

There are too many examples to list and I don't know that they'd truly convey how he has gone above and beyond for so many people - whether they are clients or walk-in customers. He always advises other agents to find out what people need to feel satisfied and to have them leave with a positive experience. He asks clients to tell him why they're upset (whether it's a 30 second or 30 minute rant) and he immediately asks them what it is they're looking for. He can't always give them that and he doesn't always have the ability to give them the answer they want, but he does try his best to understand what is causing the issue and what he could do to make it right. Additionally, he takes the time to explain why their issue is happening and what he can do to make it right, or why he may not be able to do it all. It takes a special person to hear what people need, act to make a change, and explain why things happened the way they did.

Contributing to the Community

JG Real Estate is located in Fishtown and on a micro level, just looking at the Fishtown neighborhood, Jared has invested in the community by purchasing multiple properties, fixing up properties that are shells or vacant and turning them into beautiful products, building new construction, and opening and maintaining a thriving business which provides jobs and builds relationships with other business owners. This is a prime place to buy in the current market, so I am sure there are a lot of people that could say they do the same, but it is rare to find someone that has done all of them and done them with such purpose.

On a macro level, the same could be said for the Philadelphia area as a whole. He has built a company that services all of the smaller neighborhoods. As companies grow, the boss generally becomes less hands-on when it comes to the day-to-day operations but Jared has never let the growth of the business deter his expectation for excellence.

This is a hard question to answer because there are so many things he does - Frankford Ave. street cleanups, joining the neighborhood association and trying to be involved in the area, and creating a positive environment for his employees and anyone that walks into his office are a just a few ways he contributes to his community. But I don't think he ever feels like he's done giving or has done enough to help - he is always in pursuit of the next thing he can do to better the overall area.

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