Innovation Award Winner

Emily Goodrich is the March Innovator in Real Estate award winner.

Emily Goodrich

Duo Realty Washington March

Emily is the CEO and co-founder of Duo Realty Group, one of the Top Real Estate Teams in the Pacific Northwest. In just four years, she has helped build a thriving business and highly sought after brand, known for its relationship-first focus.

Learn more about Emily's innovation in real estate below. 

Going Above and Beyond the Job

Emily has helped foster a unique culture of collaboration within her team. Agents at Duo Realty do not live in an environment of competitions and rankings against one another, but rather see every client success as a win for everyone. All agents on her team collaborate in strategy, crafting competitive offers, utilizing personal connections with other agents, and specific market knowledge to benefit the teams client. This is a unique space unseen in the market before. The benefit to the industry, business, and her clients are obviously appreciated given the solid 5 star reviews she receives.

A Commitment to Developing Professionally

Emily has not only demonstrated a desire, but also made career growth an expectation annually. Once she became licensed in 2014, she has increased transaction numbers, total sales, and gross commissions every year. The team, which now consists of 7 agents, has grown ever since.

A Focus on Customer Service

An out of state client, who needed to sell his property immediately, reached out to Emily for help when no one else was willing to try. The client, who lives in California, had an investment property in Washington listed with Redfin for about 5 weeks, with no movement or interest what so ever. Emily stepped in immediately. She organized a complete overhaul of the condo, from painting touch up, to a deep cleaning, to full interior and exterior staging in under 48-hrs. She also launched a full marketing campaign that included a virtual tour and social platform commercial hosted by Emily herself. All of this so the client would not miss crucial time getting the property on the market for the weekend. The home was flooded with traffic during the open houses, they received their first offer in just 5-hrs, and eventually sold the property for well over list price, making up for all the money lost sitting on the market.

Contributing to the Community

Emily volunteers at various organizations annually, delivers food to underprivileged children at her local church, and also donates funds to local organizations and charities direct from her commissions. She truly lives the mission of The CE Shop, not only enriching her company, but also her community. 



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