Innovation Award Winner

David Saint Germain

David Saint Germain Minnesota December 2020

Over the course of a 25+ year business career, David Saint Germain has advised many of the leading real estate and consumer brands in sales and marketing. Since earning his degrees in Management and Marketing, he has developed a unique marketing approach that enables his clients to get what they want and need out of their real estate transactions.

“Taking Care of You. Taking Care of Business.” – David Saint Germain

Going Above and Beyond

Whether it’s buying or selling real estate, David has a keen understanding of the real estate marketplace, state-of-the-art search technology, astute negotiation skills, knowledge of consumer behavior, and the ability to execute innovative marketing ideas that work. If you need a new home, this means understanding everything you want in a home and scouring the marketplace using resources that most agents don’t even consider, to give you the home you want. If you’re selling a home, this means knowing everything there is to know about your property and the kind of person who will buy your home, then doing innovative marketing necessary to capture them.

Giving Back

David has an unyielding commitment to putting his client’s needs first; then rolling up his sleeves to do the right property and consumer research, applying his market knowledge, and developing a customized strategy to accomplish his clients’ goals. David was voted “Super Agent” by Mpls-StP Magazine & Twin City Business. Boasting a 5/5 Star Client Rating on and, David makes sure his clients are satisfied with his work.

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