Innovation Award Winner

Darlene Burgard

Darlene Burgard

Century21 Investment Realtors South Dakota Inaugural Innovator

Being an Innovator in Real Estate means that Darlene Burgard is someone who is constantly going above and beyond for her community. Darlene is committed to growing her career and her dedication to her clients proves that she's in the real estate business for more than just making a sale.

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Going Above and Beyond the Job

Darlene spent a 3 day Mother's Day weekend helping an 82-year-old client pack away 9 tubs of floral arrangements, knick-knacks, and helped clean and provide fresh flowers for street appeal in the front of the house. This is not a one-time thing. Over and over, she's personally purchased flowers and other items to help spruce up homes.

A Commitment to Developing Professionally

Darlene has attended meetings locally, at the state and national level. She has twice been on the Board of REALTORS® and twice been President. She has co-chaired two conventions for the local city and board.

A Focus on Customer Service

To see her literally clean, and dress up vacant homes so their staging helps them sell faster. She's spent her own money and time, using items from home or buying them as needed. Once, she even found a home for a dog living in the garage of one of the homes she was selling. I believe she really loves making these properties look extraordinary, and she works them like they are her own homes, as her own piece of real estate. I should know, I've helped her move beds into empty homes more than once!

Contributing to the Community

She has been involved in Ambassadors and community organizations for the homeless. She also privately contributes to those needing a new start and meets with grieving parents at Mothers of Angels. Darlene tenders, on her own, to cleaning and watering at St. Mary's cemetery.

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