Innovation Award Winner

Carl Carter

Carl Carter

RE/MAX Elite Arkansas Inaugural Innovator

Being an Innovator in Real Estate means that Carl Carter is someone who is constantly going above and beyond for his community. Carl is committed to growing his career and his dedication to his clients proves that he's in the real estate business for more than just making a sale.

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Going Above and Beyond the Job

Carl's passion for safety within the real estate industry extends beyond the industry's professionals. Carl has developed scripts, resources, and checklists for sellers so that they have an increased understanding of safety and security risks associated with the sale of their home.

A Commitment to Developing Professionally

Carl works tirelessly to fulfill his vision of providing multiple national-scale programs through the Beverly Carter Foundation to address the current state of safety in the real estate industry. At the heart of all of the safety programs developed and delivered by the Beverly Carter Foundation is a grounding in research around behavioral science, predator profiling, and real-world tools to prevent and deter crime. He considers his work on-going and has committed his life to refining educational resources and advocating for heightened safety measures in the industry. To aid in his development, he's currently pursuing an Executive Masters of Public Service from the Clinton School of Public Service.

A Focus on Customer Service

Carl volunteers many hours each month to develop and teach safety-related courses to other agents. Carl also offers himself as a "showing buddy" to assist his fellow agents. To the consumers he serves, Carl builds a strong relationship on open, consistent communication; including measures of safety and security. Carl is dedicated to his clients, and doesn't shy away from having important conversations because "safety talks are scary." He understands that when your clients know you're coming from the heart, you build trust.

Contributing to the Community

Carl is the eldest son of slain REALTOR® Beverly Carter. During the course of her work, Beverly Carter was kidnapped and murdered in 2014. Since his mother's death, Carl has proclaimed a mission of safety awareness in his mother's name. Carl has spoken to tens of thousands of agents and other lone-worker professionals about his mother's story and offers practical tips for staying safe.

Carl has traveled to over half of the states across the USA speaking to Escrow Agents, Lenders, and Agents/Brokers about ways that they may prevent crimes against themselves and/or their clients. He's also spoken to audiences of independent salespeople (door-to-door marketing or car salesmen) and traveling nurses. His mission, simply, is to keep what happened to his mother from happening again.

In January 2017, Carl founded the Beverly Carter Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation dedicated to the idea that every agent can go home safe every day if they're provided with research-driven information, consulting, training, and support. The Foundation offers this at no charge to every MLS, association, brokerage, and agent.

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