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Artemisa Boston

Artemisa Boston

Artemisa Boston Team Minnesota October

Artemisa Boston has been a real estate agent for over 20 years serving the Twin Cities area. As one of the premier bilingual agents in the area, Artemisa is able to assist a wide range of homebuyers in Minnesota. Artemisa’s drive and innate ability to understand her client’s needs have been the foundation of her success leading to her REAL trends ranking of #1 in Minnesota and #30 in the nation. Artemisa has also held a panel position on the professional standards committee since 2007 where she helps set the standards for real estate in MN while advocating on behalf of the public and minority groups.

Going Above and Beyond

Being able to understand a client’s needs, culture, and background, is a critical element of being a successful real estate agent. Growing up in Mexico City gave Artemisa a unique appreciation for diverse backgrounds, and moving to the United States demonstrated the importance of having people around you that you can trust and depend on. For her clients, Artemisa is that person.

“My diverse background makes it easy for me to connect with clients, and help them better find their perfect home.” - Artemisa Boston

Artemisa insists on keeping an open line of communication while thoroughly explaining every step of the home buying journey to her clients so they fully understand the process. For this reason, Artemisa is highly regarded among her peers and clients.

Giving Back

Artemisa also supports several other non-profit organizations such as the Immigrant Law Center for MN which focuses on enhancing opportunities for immigrants and refugees through legal representation for low-income individuals, and through education and advocacy with diverse communities. She also supports Spare Key whose focus is providing assistance to families with a critically ill or seriously injured family member.

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