Wyoming Real Estate Continuing Education Course: 22 - Wyoming Real Estate Risk Management and Technology

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Wyoming CE:22 - Wyoming Real Estate Risk Management and Technology

22 - Wyoming Real Estate Risk Management and Technology

6 Total hours
0 Elective hours
6 Required hours

The business of real estate has serious risks. For each transaction in which you’re involved, you are the caretaker of consumers’ finances, sensitive personal information, and overall well-being. Further, the explosion of technological tools to keep the industry running smoothy and efficiently comes with its own array of risks, such as data breaches, confidentiality breaches, and security issues. And let’s not forget your own personal safety and liability concerns.

Managing your risk in all of those areas can be challenging, but the consequences of not doing so are severe: financial loss, lawsuits, physical harm, and more are real possibilities. But strong, well thought out policies, watertight recordkeeping practices, proper use of technology, and other best practices we’ll cover in this course will protect you, your firm, your customers and clients, and your career.

This six-hour course highlights include:

  • Risk management and standard of care principles
  • Property management liability in Wyoming
  • Best practices for establishing risk management brokerage policies and protocols
  • Guidelines for data security, electronic documents, and secure communication risk management
  • Best practices for managing records to protect against risk
  • Legal requirements for data breaches and notifications per Wyoming state laws
  • Methods to limit personal risk and liability, such as errors and omissions insurance
  • Procedures to avoid negligence
  • Steps to take to help ensure personal safety