Wisconsin Real Estate Continuing Education Course: Course 6: Real Estate Transactions in Wisconsin (2021-2022)

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Wisconsin CE:Course 6: Real Estate Transactions in Wisconsin (2021-2022)

Course 6: Real Estate Transactions in Wisconsin (2021-2022)

3 Total hours
0 Elective hours
3 Mandatory hours

Not every real estate transaction is a clear-cut one where the buyer finds his dream home, makes an acceptable offer, breezes through the home inspection, and closes without a hitch. In fact, most transactions include a curve ball or two.

Maybe your buyer is interested in vacant land, but she’s worried about zoning and permits. Or maybe the property has an abandoned underground storage tank, and your buyer doesn’t want to get stuck doing the cleanup. Or maybe your buyer wants to buy short sale property, but she’s in a hurry to get the keys. All of these situations require unique expertise and guidance. And that’s where you come in!

Course highlights include:

  • The WB-3 Vacant Land Listing Contract, the WB-11 Residential Offer to Purchase, and the WB-13 Vacant Land Offer to Purchase
  • “Vacant land” versus “unimproved land”
  • Vacant land financing options
  • The short sale lender approval process explained
  • Secondary offers on short sale properties
  • The Wisconsin foreclosure process explained
  • State guidelines relating to environmental hazards, including lead-based paint and asbestos
  • Common groundwater contaminates and state and federal safeguards
  • Activities and scenarios to reinforce key concepts