Wisconsin Continuing Education Course: Course 3 - Wisconsin New Developments (makeup credit only)

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Wisconsin CE:Course 3 - Wisconsin New Developments (makeup credit only)

Course 3 - Wisconsin New Developments (makeup credit only)

3 Total hours
3 Elective hours
0 Mandatory hours

Welcome to Wisconsin New Developments. This three-hour core course explores recent Wisconsin statutory and administrative code revisions, the complaint and discipline process changes, federal law changes, and real estate case law that affect how you manage your real estate practice and how you serve consumers. Maintaining your knowledge of current rules and laws pertaining to real estate issues is vital to maintaining your license—and ensuring that you’re always in a good position to give your clients and customers accurate and professional guidance.

This course meets Wisconsin’s mandatory requirement for CE on New Developments. Course highlights include:

  • New developments in the complaint and discipline process, including investigations and penalties
  • Wisconsin Act 278 and its implications for licensing and employment discrimination
  • Wisconsin Act 59 tax items related to real property ownership
  • Major policy changes regarding property rights
  • New infrastructure investments that help create viable and healthy communities for Wisconsonites
  • Wisconsin Act 317 provisions making rental property ownership in Wisconsin less onerous
  • Wisconsin Acts 110 and 338 clarifications, amendments, and new provisions directly related to real estate practice in Wisconsin
  • The prime federal policy issues engaging NAR right now, including tax reform, the National Flood Insurance Program, and the future of government sponsored enterprises, like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac