Wisconsin Continuing Education Course: Course 1: Wisconsin Listing Contracts (makeup credit only)

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Wisconsin CE:Course 1: Wisconsin Listing Contracts (makeup credit only)

Course 1: Wisconsin Listing Contracts (makeup credit only)

3 Total hours
3 Elective hours
0 Mandatory hours

This three-hour course explores the central topics associated with listing contracts.

Consumers are often confused when it comes to determining which items convey in a sale, and which items remain on the property. Similarly, seller disclosure is an often misunderstood aspect of listing a property. It’s the listing agent's duty to inform the public, as well as their clients and customers, about such matters. This not only helps transactions go more smoothly; it also cuts down on negotiation derailment and post-transaction litigation.

This course meets Wisconsin’s mandatory requirement for the Course 1 – Listing Contracts course.

Course highlights:

  • Listing agent inspection and disclosure obligations, as well as seller representation regarding defects, as outlined in Wisconsin law and the WB-1 listing contract
  • Wisconsin’s real estate condition report
  • Wisconsin real estate advertising guidelines, including required disclosures and tips for avoiding false advertising
  • Marketing personal property in Wisconsin, as outlined in the WB-11 offer to purchase
  • Real property vs. personal property
  • Negotiating for the sale of personal property in Wisconsin
  • Included/not included items (as outlined in the WB-1 and WB-11)
  • Fixtures