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Washington Post-Licensing COURSE

Washington Post-Licensing:WA Post-Licensing: Advanced Real Estate Practices

WA Post-Licensing: Advanced Real Estate Practices

30.0 Total hours
0.0 Elective hours
30.0 Mandatory hours

Newly licensed brokers in Washington are required to complete 90 hours of coursework before their first active renewal: 30 hours of advanced practices, 30 hours of real estate law, 27 hours of approved continuing education courses, and a three-hour core course.

This course fulfills the state's requirement for 30 hours of advanced real estate practices, and it’s divided into eight modules:

  • Brokerage
  • Agency
  • Contracts
  • Marketing, Negotiations, and Closings
  • Problem Management: When Things Go Wrong
  • Business Practice
  • Property Management
  • Current Topics

Course highlights include:

  • Brokerage relationships and responsibilities, with a close look at conflict resolutions strategies
  • Fiduciary and statutory duties, as well as a discussion of the differences between clients and customers
  • Compensation agreements and related disclosures
  • Agency disclosure requirements and required forms
  • Risks related to liability, conflicts of interest, and breach of duty
  • Complaints and disciplinary actions against state licensees
  • Contract usage and management
  • Marketing requirements and restrictions
  • Negotiation best practices
  • Common closing delays and how to manage them
  • Commission disputes and resolution methods
  • Property disclosure obligations
  • Record retention requirements
  • Property management and fair housing requirements
  • Current topics, including affordable housing issues, the use of introductory letters, and referrals to third-party vendors