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Virginia Post-Licensing: Current Issues & Trends Related to Financing

2 Total hours
0 Elective hours
2 Mandatory hours

Real estate professionals need to possess a solid understanding of financing issues and trends to ensure they're able to assist clients in making decisions. This two-hour course provides a thorough explanation of the mortgage application process. In addition, the course offers a detailed look at the current loan types that clients are likely to consider as they evaluate their financing options. The course also examines a number of special financing considerations that clients should keep in mind when evaluating the purchase of a distressed property.

In Virginia, new salespersons must complete eight post-licensing courses on state-approved topics, adding up to 30 hours of education. Virginia Post-Licensing: Current Issues and Trends Related to Financing is one of eight courses offered by The CE Shop to fulfill the state's post-licensing requirements.

Course highlights include:

  • A description of the various components of a mortgage.
  • A review of the various loan types currently available to buyers.
  • Information about special financing considerations that relate to distressed properties.
  • Suggestions for how you can support your clients as they weigh their ability to meet the often substantial financial obligations that come with home ownership.
  • Examples and activities to emphasize key points and concepts.