Utah Real Estate Post-Licensing Course: Mandatory Residential Course (Core)

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Utah Post-Licensing COURSE

Utah Post-Licensing:Mandatory Residential Course (Core)

Mandatory Residential Course (Core)

3 Total hours
0 Elective hours
3 Mandatory hours

Understanding the intricacies of agency relationships—from required disclosures to duties owed—can help ensure that you’re providing the best service possible to your clients and customers while also protecting yourself and your brokerage. The same can be said for working with the Real Estate Purchase Contract. You probably use it every day. You know what to do. But all it takes is one little oversight to throw a wrench into an otherwise smooth transaction.

The 2021 Mandatory Residential Course helps improve your understanding of agency relationships and Real Estate Purchase Contract basics, including seller disclosure requirements and financing conditions. Plus, stay on top of current industry trends and issues with a review of the most common complaints the Utah Department of Real Estate receives, tips for avoiding wire fraud scams, and guidance on holding safe showings a during public health crisis.

The course meets Utah's mandatory requirement for the Utah Residential Required Course.

Course highlights:

  • How an agency relationship is formed
  • Fiduciary duties owed to clients
  • Limited agency relationships and limited agent obligations
  • Earnest money basics
  • Required seller disclosures
  • Conditions of purchase, including due diligence, appraisal, and financing
  • Licensee self-reporting requirements
  • How to help reduce the risk of wire fraud
  • Solar panels and security system implications for real property transactions
  • Multiple offer situations
  • Safe showings during a public health crisis
  • Activities and scenarios to reinforce key concepts