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Doing Business During COVID-19

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Is the COVID-19 pandemic going to be a rehash of 2008? How do I keep transactions on track if I'm under a shelter-in-place order? Is real estate considered an essential service? What if there’s a lockdown? Can I still do showings? What about open houses? 

This brief course is designed to help you answer these questions so you can conduct business safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, and so you can put clients' minds at ease. Business as usual? Nope. But it's still business.

Course highlights include:

  • Definition of COVID-19 terms
  • How REALTOR® Associations are responding
  • Busting COVID-19 myths
  • Where to find up to date, authoritative data
  • Charts and graphs you can share with your clients that put this in perspective
  • Staying in touch during social distancing
  • How to answer the question: “Is real estate still happening?”
  • Doing business when it’s not business as usual