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National :Real Estate Finance, 11th Edition (eTextbook)

Real Estate Finance, 11th Edition (eTextbook)

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Updated to follow the guidelines for those pursuing a real estate license, this text has been reordered to improve the presentation of real estate finance needed by lenders, real estate agents, appraisers, and investors. In these ever-changing times, it is key to learn the fundamentals of real estate finance, how the market evolves, and what factors influence how it works. Highlights include updates to loan programs and loan limits along with how to calculate payments for conventional mortgages, as well as expanded discussion of the credit report in the lending process as well as how federal tax claims work and what every agent should know. New sections on how delinquency and defaults impact lenders, major changes to loan terms, and changes due to the Tax Cuts and Job Act make this the most updated resource for real estate finance.

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