Texas Post-Licensing Course: Legal Update II (2020-2021)

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Texas Post-Licensing COURSE

Texas Post-Licensing:Legal Update II (2020-2021)

Legal Update II (2020-2021)

4 Total hours
0 Elective hours
4 Mandatory hours

Texas real estate license holders must be equipped to navigate the potentially murky waters related to ethics, agency, advertising, and more, and to educate consumers about these often-misunderstood areas of real estate practice. In addition to addressing the aforementioned topics, this course engages in a review and through discussion of title and closing issues, RESPA compliance, and lender and inspector relationships.

This four-hour course prepares license holders to confidently guide consumers through transaction hurdles, and to protect their interests from unscrupulous parties.

Course highlights include:

  • Ethics requirements for real estate professionals
  • Working with unrepresented buyers
  • Residential rental locators
  • Seller term requirement sheets/seller offer guidelines
  • Intermediary review
  • Rebates and referral fees
  • Recent TREC cases related to agency and rebate violations
  • Advertising and social media compliance
  • Copyright review and proper usage of copyrighted material
  • Issues with closing LLCs and trusts
  • T-47 misconceptions
  • Escrow requests to avoid
  • RESPA and Rule P-53 compliance
  • Marketing service agreements
  • Inspector FAQs
  • Lender relationships