Texas Post-Licensing Course: Legal Update I (2020-2021)

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Texas Post-Licensing COURSE

Texas Post-Licensing:Legal Update I (2020-2021)

Legal Update I (2020-2021)

4.0 Total hours
0.0 Elective hours
4.0 Mandatory hours

Texas real estate license holders should be conversant with the latest laws and standard practice updates that impact the real estate industry in Texas. This course comprises a comprehensive discussion about various laws, regulations, and guidelines directly affecting license holders’ practice of real estate. Scenarios and case studies are woven throughout the content to illustrate practical applications of pertinent points, as well as consequences when a license holder fails to comply.

This four-hour course provides license holders with a strong foundation in the latest legal and ethical procedures. Without such, license holders can place themselves—and their clients—in risky circumstances.

Course highlights include:

  • Key TREC rule updates
  • Statutory changes to the Texas Real Estate License Act, including licensing related bills recently passed by the 2019 Texas legislative session
  • Alterations to the TREC Seller’s Disclosure Notice and other seller disclosure documents
  • Best practices related to selecting and using seller disclosures and related to inspection reports
  • Important changes made to the One to Four Family Residential Contract (Resale) and associated addenda
  • Considerations regarding “smart home” technology
  • Unauthorized practice of law review
  • Property management issues, particularly tenant screening, protections for tenants during a building foreclosure, and consumer reports
  • Security issues related to technology, including in-home surveillance during showings and cyber fraud
  • Effective ways for license holders to protect themselves and their clients from cyber fraud