Texas Real Estate Post-Licensing Course: Legal Update I (2020-2021)

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Texas Post-Licensing COURSE

Texas Post-Licensing:Legal Update I (2020-2021)

Legal Update I (2020-2021)

4 Total hours
0 Elective hours
4 Mandatory hours

This course provides a comprehensive discussion about laws, regulations, and guidelines affecting real estate practice. Scenarios and case studies woven throughout illustrate practical application of concepts presented, as well as consequences when a license holder fails to comply.

Understanding the law pertaining to your business will help keep you in compliance, and keep your license intact.

Course highlights include:

  • TREC rule updates
  • Statutory changes to the Texas Real Estate License Act
  • Alterations to the TREC Seller’s Disclosure Notice a
  • Best practices related to selecting and using seller disclosures 
  • Important changes made to the One to Four Family Residential Contract (Resale) and associated addenda
  • Considerations regarding “smart home” technology
  • Property management issues, particularly tenant screening, protections for tenants during a building foreclosure, and consumer reports
  • Security issues related to technology, including in-home surveillance during showings and cyber fraud
  • Effective ways for license holders to protect themselves and their clients from cyber fraud