Tennessee Real Estate Post-Licensing Course: Technology Tools, Trends, and Risk Management

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Tennessee Post-Licensing COURSE

Tennessee Post-Licensing:Technology Tools, Trends, and Risk Management

Technology Tools, Trends, and Risk Management

4 Total hours
4 Elective hours
0 Mandatory hours

Technology is a tool. Used wisely, it can free up time usually spent on mundane tasks to allow licensees to work at a higher (and higher touch) level of client service. Used poorly, it can waste a lot of time better spent elsewhere and worse—alienate clients, and even put them and the licensee’s reputation—at risk.

Clients and prospective clients want their real estate professional to be accessible and tech-savvy on their behalf.  According to a National Association of REALTORS® real estate report, staying up to date on new platforms and systems will remain one of the biggest challenges for brokerages in the coming years. The industry is constantly changing, and technology is a big driver of that change.  

This course helps real estate professionals work with technology and reinforces putting client relationships first in the push to provide cutting edge tools and services.

Course highlights include:

  • Technology tools to enhance service to sellers, including drones, live streaming, single-property sites, and speaking photos; ways to minimize risks involved in their use
  • How to use technology to secure buyer representation agreements, assist buyers with financing qualifications, and pre-showing data to help them make informed purchasing and financing decisions  
  • Technological advances in transaction management, including document sharing, electronic signatures, cloud storage, and photo, document, and email organization software, and identify risk management safeguards for online data storage and transaction management
  • How to keep online data secure
  • Technology tools you can use now to provide enhanced client service, and emerging trends to watch for