Oregon Real Estate Post-Licensing Course: Oregon Law and Rule Required Course (LARRC) (2022-2023)

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Oregon Post-Licensing COURSE

Oregon Post-Licensing:Oregon Law and Rule Required Course (LARRC) (2022-2023)

Oregon Law and Rule Required Course (LARRC) (2022-2023)

3 Total hours
0 Elective hours
3 Mandatory hours

The 80th Legislative Assembly in Oregon was a wild one: walkouts, cities threatening lawsuits against the state, controversy at every turn. Oregon made the national news for a landmark piece of legislation that in a real sense eliminates single-family zoning in most cities. And there was much outcry about recent restrictions on rent increases and no-cause evictions.

Bills passed will impact planners, landlords, tenants, homeowners, and of course, licensees for years to come. But how much is real and how much is hype? Your clients are bound to have questions, and will look to you for answers. If ever there were a year to get your continuing education completed early, it’s this one.

This three-hour course meets the Law and Rule Required Course continuing education requirement for Oregon licensees.

You’ll find answers to questions like:

  • What is the Oregon legislative process, the role of the Oregon Real Estate Agency and the purpose of the Oregon Real Estate Board?
  • What does the passage of House Bill 2001 means for Oregon zoning?
  • What is middle housing and how does it impact residential areas currently zoned as single family?
  • How is a no-cause eviction defined under the recently enacted Senate Bill 608, and when is it allowed?
  • Which landlords are impacted by the requirement to pay moving expenses for their tenants when evicting for a landlord-based cause? 
  • What fair housing changes have occurred in Oregon and nationally that impact property managers and landlords?
  • How bad is Oregon’s affordable housing crisis, what does it have to do with fair housing, and what is the legislature doing to address it?
  • Activities and scenarios to reinforce key concepts