North Carolina Real Estate Post-Licensing Course: POST 301: Broker Relationships & Responsibilities

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North Carolina Post-Licensing COURSE

North Carolina Post-Licensing:POST 301: Broker Relationships & Responsibilities

POST 301: Broker Relationships & Responsibilities

30 Total hours
0 Elective hours
30 Mandatory hours

You've worked hard to earn your license. Now that you've had some time in the saddle, your post-licensing education helps to ensure you'll be practicing at the top of your field.

The Post 301 - Broker Relationships and Responsibilities course is one of the three 30-classroom hour courses in the North Carolina mandatory post-licensing education program that must be completed within 18 months after initial licensure to remain eligible for active license status. Post 301, Post 302, and Post 303 may be taken in any order, but the North Carolina Real Estate Commission recommends taking them in their numerical order.

Your Post 301 course covers:

  • Agency relationships in residential and commercial sales
  • Commercial property management transactions
  • A broker’s legal duties to clients and customers
  • Responsibilities when working with sellers and buyers
  • License status and education issues
  • Issues associated with transactions in progress when a broker leaves a firm