New Jersey Real Estate Continuing Education Course: Residential Real Estate Investment Opportunities (Elective)

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New Jersey CE:Residential Real Estate Investment Opportunities (Elective)

Residential Real Estate Investment Opportunities (Elective)

1 Total hours
1 Elective hours
0 Core Topics hours

Real estate is a popular investment vehicle, and residential real estate is the category of choice. People are always going to need a place to live. This brief course examines the pros and cons of popular residential investment property types, including single-family homes, multiplexes, apartment complexes, condominiums, cooperatives, and conversions.  

Course highlights include:

  • Single-family detached homes as investment products
  • Investment property and fair housing law
  • Advantages to investing in multi-unit properties
  • Risks and rewards of investment in condominiums and a comparison of condos, co-ops, and condops
  • Conversions and investments
  • Applicable tax credits and deductions associated with residential investment properties
  • Activities and scenarios to provide real-world context for course content