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New Jersey Course: 18-Hr. NJ Core CE Package (with Ethics course)

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18-Hr. NJ Core CE Package (with Ethics course)

18 Total hours
0 Elective hours
18 Core Topics hours

This package includes 18 CE CORE hours for licensees that may need all 18 of their required hours in core topics. 

Courses included in this package:

  • Breaking Barriers: Fair Housing (3 core course hours)
  • The Code of Ethics in Action: Real-Life Applications (2 core course hours in Ethics + 1 core course hour)
  • Diversity: Your Kaleidoscope of Clients (3 core hours)
  • Keeping it Honest: Understanding Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud (3 core course hours)
  • Marketing, Advertising, and Social Media Compliance (3 core course hours)
  • Title and Escrow: Two Families, One Transaction (3 core course hours)

*Also meets NAR QUADRENNIAL requirement standard. You will need to confirm with your local REALTOR association if they will accept it.