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Nevada CE:Ethics at Work

Ethics at Work

3 Total hours
0 Elective hours
3 Required hours
In Nevada, this course is classified as 3 hours of the ethics requirement.

This 3-hour course will empower licensees to recognize and respond to ethical dilemmas, inspiring consumer confidence. For answers to ethical dilemmas, we’ll look to several articles of the NAR Code of Ethics and draw from real-life ethical scenarios. After completing this course, licensees will be better prepared to exemplify the professionalism and cooperation that’s the true foundation of the real estate industry.

Course highlights include:

  • The importance of ethical behavior in NAR members and non-members alike
  • Review and application of articles 1, 3, 9, 12, 15, and 16 of the NAR Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
  • Case studies of real-life ethical challenges
  • Application of Article 17 of the NAR Code of Ethics to the complaints and hearing process
  • Best practices for demonstrating ethical behavior every day