Nevada Real Estate Continuing Education Course: Advocating for Short Sale Clients (General)

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Nevada CE:Advocating for Short Sale Clients (General)

Advocating for Short Sale Clients (General)

3 Total hours
3 Elective hours
0 Required hours
In Nevada, this course is classified as 3 elective hours of the general requirement.

Tactics that work with motivated, excited sellers don't always translate well when working with short sale sellers and short sale buyers. Add lender approvals, junior lien holders, and inflexible timelines into the mix, and you end up with a whole new ball game.

In a short sale transaction, the motivation for each party is different than the standard transaction, and as the professional in the scene, you need to adjust accordingly. This course speaks to your interaction with short sale sellers, and how you can help them through a tough process while diligently advocating on their behalf.  We cover how to figure out an appropriate listing price, negotiate with the lender's representative, sort through debt settlement terminology, and carry the deal through to closing. We also look at the process from a buyer's agent perspective. Additional cautions, considerations, and fraud prevention tactics are required when advocating on behalf of these deal-seeking buyers.