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Nevada CE:Nevada Legal Updates (NV Law & Legislation)

Nevada Legal Updates (NV Law & Legislation)

3 Total hours
0 Elective hours
3 Required hours
In Nevada, this course is approved for 3 hours of the law and legislation category.

The Nevada Legislature only meets every two years in a compressed 120-day regular session, so when it assembles in February, it gets down to business. The recent legislative session was no exception: Bills were passed that modified, eliminated, or expanded Nevada law. Luckily, you’ll only be held responsible for knowing about the legislative changes that impact the real estate industry.

The new laws affect many aspects of real estate, including contracts, common-interest communities, landlords and tenants, and affordable housing. This course will walk you through each piece of real estate-related legislation, including how it impacts you and your clients and customers. In addition, you will have the opportunity to review what you need to know about recent and proposed changes to Nevada fair housing laws, as well as efforts to expand affordable housing.

Course highlights include:

  • Legislative changes to contracts
  • Updates to rules related to watering nonfunctional turf, homeowner’s and renter’s insurance, and technology fees
  • Rules governing the termination of affordability restrictions
  • Zoning ordinances for tiny houses
  • Legislative changes impacting licensee advertising, nicknames, and educational requirements
  • Changes impacting common-interest communities, including resale packages and fees, delivery of notice requirements, purchase restrictions, executive sessions, and violations and penalties
  • Updates to landlord tenant laws
  • Updates to federal fair housing law including hoarding as a disability, HUD’s position on blanket tenant screening for criminal records, group homes, assistance animals, sexual orientation as a federally protected class, and proposals to add source of income and military status to the federally protected classes
  • Activities and scenarios to reinforce key concepts