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Nevada Course: Nevada Real Estate Ethical Standards

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Nevada Real Estate Ethical Standards

3 Total hours
0 Elective hours
3 Required hours
In Nevada, this course is classified as 3 required hours of the ethics requirement.

Every agent has the obligation to deal honestly with their clients and customers involved in a real estate transaction—there’s no room for shading the truth, leaving out inconvenient facts, or overlooking damaging information.  Representing sellers, buyers, or both creates a legal and ethical balancing act that requires you to remain attentive to the rights of each party under the law. This course provides an overview of the principles of ethics for the state of Nevada.

Ethical standards of conduct can be broken down into three main areas:

  • Fidelity: You represent the interests of your client and have the utmost loyalty to your client during any transaction. You must treat other parties in a transaction honestly; be faithful and observant to the trust placed in you; perform your duties with accuracy; and place no personal interest above the interest of your client.
  • Integrity: You, as a licensee, have an obligation to perform your responsibilities with honesty and use caution to avoid any misrepresentations or false claims.
  • CompetencyYou, as a licensee, must be knowledgeable about your profession and about the industry. Continue to be informed about market conditions, legal changes and issues, and changing trends in your areas.

*This course expires on 6/30/16 and will need to be completed before this date.