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Maryland Pre-Licensing COURSE

Maryland Pre-Licensing:Maryland Pre-Licensing - Practice Exams

Maryland Pre-Licensing - Practice Exams

1 Total hours
1 Elective hours
0 Mandatory hours

This not-for-credit course is designed to help students prepare for the Maryland real estate licensing exam. It provides an opportunity to take practice exams that contain questions that are aligned with the topics most likely to appear on the official licensing exam. There are separate exams for state and national content.

Students are able to review the results from each attempt and hone in on those areas where they feel like they are particularly strong and those where there is opportunity to improve.  

Students are presented with 100 questions per exam attempt from pools of over 1,400 national and over 300 state-focused exam questions. The pass rate is set at 75%, however the exam may be taken as many times as desired, regardless of scores.