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DL/Maryland Ethics

3 Total hours
0 Elective hours
3 Mandatory hours
This course meets the 3 required hours for Category D (real estate ethics or professional standards)

Ethical real estate professionals who adhere to a high set of standards are the foundation for restoring confidence and stability in an unsure marketplace. Recognizing the need to promote ethical business practices, the Maryland Real Estate Commission maintains and enforces a Code of Ethics. The Code details the standards of conduct licensees must adhere to in their daily activities. Maryland has also adopted laws to ensure that licensee advertising is accurate and transparent. Additionally, state and federal laws have been enacted to protect consumers from predatory lenders, property flippers, and unscrupulous foreclosure consultants. Collectively, these laws define the behaviors expected of real estate professionals.

This 3-hour course begins with a full review of Maryland's Code of Ethics. We then closely examine the state's advertising rules. The course wraps up by looking at various types of fraudulent activity licensees need to be aware of, along with a review of the legislative steps taken by Maryland and the federal government to protect consumers against real estate fraud. 

Course highlights include:

  • A thorough review of Maryland's Code of Ethics.
  • An explanation of the advertising rules that apply to real estate professionals.
  • Useful tips for protecting clients against fraudulent activity involving predatory lending, illegal property flipping, and foreclosures.