Louisiana Real Estate Continuing Education Course: LA Core 2022: 36 Ways to Lose Your License

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Louisiana CE:LA Core 2022: 36 Ways to Lose Your License

LA Core 2022: 36 Ways to Lose Your License

4 Total hours
0 Elective hours
4 Mandatory hours

In the codified publication of Louisiana Real Estate License Law, there are many circumstances outlined in which the Louisiana Real Estate Commission (LREC) has cause to censure a licensee, registrant, or certificate holder. Beyond those consequences, should a licensee’s offense be grave enough, the LREC also has the power to conditionally or unconditionally suspend or revoke any real estate-related license, registration, or certificate; levy fines or impose civil penalties of as much as $5,000; or impose continuing education requirements on licensees, registrants, or other types of certificate holders.

In Section 1455 of Louisiana Real Estate License Law, LREC defines 36 specific acts that, if a licensee, registrant, or certificate holder performs, attempts to perform, or in the past performed or attempted to perform, the guilty party will incur one or more of the aforementioned penalties. Many of these violations are easily avoided by acting ethically and applying sound business practices. This course offers a careful review of these acts, as well as related case studies.

This four-hour course helps consumers by reducing their exposure to licensee error related to these 36 specific acts.

Course highlights include:

  • An overview of Section 1455 of the Louisiana Real Estate License Law and the causes for censure, suspension, or revocation of a license, registration, or certification
  • Requirements for properly accounting for client funds, handling disbursements, and avoiding commingling
  • Avoiding misrepresentation of your brokerage
  • Properly handling agency disclosures
  • Adhering to conditions outlined in the listing agreement
  • Properly amending transaction-related documents
  • Complying with official consent orders
  • Avoiding the use of misleading advertisements
  • Violations managed via citation by the LREC
  • Interactive activities and scenarios to seal in the new information and frame it in everyday context