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Louisiana Course: Property Measurement & Pricing: LREC 2015 Mandatory Core

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Property Measurement & Pricing: LREC 2015 Mandatory Core

4 Total hours
4 Elective hours
0 Mandatory hours

Real estate salespersons need to know how to measure—and it’s important to know what to include while measuring square footage. Also, you need the knowledge of how to measure those odd-shaped rooms and structures that are not “perfect” shapes, and what to include in finished total square footage.

This four-hour course reviews the ins and outs of measuring residential property the way appraisers do, providing information on the standard that is accepted for use across industries, putting everyone on the same page to provide more consistency and accuracy in order to arrive at true comparables and market values. 

Course highlights include:

  • A overview of the ANSI Standard and its relevance to measuring single family residential houses
  • Finished area versus unfinished areas
  • Figuring out grades and levels and what to include in square footage
  • How to take accurate measurements and what to measure
  • Living areas, room counts and home measurements
  • Prefabricated homes
  • How to calculate area/square footage: rooms, houses, bay windows, cut-outs
  • The difference between a Broker Price Opinion, Comparative Market Analysis, and appraisal
  • Completing a Broker Price Opinion form and a Comparative Market Analysis form