Idaho Real Estate Post-Licensing Course: Idaho Commission Core 2021

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Idaho Post-Licensing COURSE

Idaho Post-Licensing:Idaho Commission Core 2021

Idaho Commission Core 2021

3 Total hours
0 Elective hours
3 Mandatory hours

The Idaho Real Estate Commission wants to make sure you’re well acquainted with annual updates and topics of particular note. Idaho Commission Core 2021 provides you with a strong foundation in legislative changes, important commission guidelines, etiquette and license law matters, and appraisal best practices to boost your expertise and professionalism.

This three-hour course focuses in particular on timely legislative updates, ethical and legally sound practices related to appraisals, and lessons you can glean from recent real estate case studies.

Course highlights include:

  • 2021 legislative updates
  • Idaho case law updates, including material contract changes, common law dedications, easements, contract ambiguity, addenda, and boundary disputes
  • Commission Guideline #11 – Failure to Account for Money and Property of Others, and Guideline #16 – Presentation of Multiple Offers by the Listing Agent
  • Professional etiquette, including where etiquette and license law intersect
  • Appraisals, including regulatory background review, licensee interactions with appraisers, and best practices for bolstering appraisals
  • Case studies from both in and outside of Idaho that directly impact a licensee’s daily real estate practice