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District of Columbia CE:Property Management in DC

Property Management in DC

3 Total hours
0 Elective hours
3 Mandatory hours

Property management in the District of Columbia is uniquely exciting. Between the tourists, the politicians, the foreign dignitaries, and the families who have called the District home for generations, DC property managers serve a diverse population with equally diverse needs.

With this in mind, a DC property manager has to juggle not only the everyday demands of property management—rent collection, tenant screening, and property maintenance, for example—but also the unique owner and tenant needs that come as a result of calling this thriving metropolis home.

This three-hour course delves into property management basics such as licensure requirements and the rights and responsibilities of DC landlords and tenants, as well as issues surrounding fair housing and human rights. It also includes a rundown of District-specific initiatives, laws, and practices that a property manager needs to be effective and proactive in the nation’s capital.

Course highlights include:

  • Property management definitions
  • Licensure, exemptions to licensure, role, and fiduciary duties of the DC property manager
  • Managing common interest communities and community associations
  • Reporting and record keeping requirements
  • Fair housing, human rights, and property management
  • DOPA, TOPA, and HOPA
  • Technology and data security
  • DC sustainability practices and initiatives
  • Historic preservation
  • Inclusionary zoning
  • Capital improvements