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District of Columbia CE:DC Legislative Update

DC Legislative Update

3.0 Total hours
0.0 Elective hours
3.0 Mandatory hours

Federal and local D.C. legislation and regulatory decisions have a significant effect on the real estate industry and your practice as a real estate professional. To protect yourself as well as your clients, you must possess a solid understanding of the laws and regulations connected to real estate.

D.C. Legislative Update is a three-hour course divided into four units. In Unit 1, we focus on federal legislation. We then turn our attention to D.C. laws in Unit 2. In Units 3 and 4, we delve into landlord-tenant issues, including rent control and housing rights. From start to finish, we use activities to emphasize key points and ensure your understanding of the material. There are also links and handouts that provide you additional information to help you expand and enrich your professional knowledge. 

This course meets the District of Columbia's mandatory requirement for CE on Legislative Update topics.       

Course highlights include:

  • A review of key federal laws, such as the Fair Housing Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Telecommunications Act, United States Bankruptcy Code/Internal Revenue Code, and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
  • An analysis of D.C. laws, including recently passed legislation as well as long-standing laws.
  • A discussion about issues related to landlord-tenant rights, including leases, repairs and rent control.
  • A review of regulations that help manage the landlord-tenant relationship.
  • An explanation of key points of the D.C. Housing Code.
  • The 10 grounds for eviction in D.C.
  • Activities and real world examples to emphasize important points.