Delaware Real Estate Continuing Education Course: Delaware Office Management (Module 4)

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Delaware CE:Delaware Office Management (Module 4)

Delaware Office Management (Module 4)

3 Total hours
0 Elective hours
3 Mandatory hours
For Delaware CE, this course falls under Three (3) hours in office management (Module 4).

Delaware Office Management looks at office management through the lens of risk management.

Risk and real estate are inseparable. Risk areas change with the advent of new laws, shifting of consumer needs, changing market conditions, and new business requirements.  

To maintain their license, Delaware real estate professionals must complete 21 hours of continuing education, composed of seven core modules. This course fulfills the state's Office Management (Module 4) requirement.       

Course highlights include:

  • Identifying common areas of risk
  • Risk probabilities
  • The Consumer Information Statement: managing risk through its appropriate use
  • Statutory vs. common law agency relationships
  • Federal and state fair housing law: attendant risks
  • Risk managment and privacy issues
  • Written office policies and their role in mitigating risk
  • Activities and real world examples