Colorado Pre-Licensing Course: Taxes and Real Estate: What You Need to Know

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Colorado Pre-Licensing COURSE

Colorado Pre-Licensing:Taxes and Real Estate: What You Need to Know

Taxes and Real Estate: What You Need to Know

3 Total hours
3 Elective hours
0 Mandatory hours
In Colorado, this course is also approved under Rule A-27(B)(3), which allows real estate licensees to use the course toward their pre-license requirements necessary to become an Employing Broker.

You aren't a tax advisor for your clients or customers, but having a solid understanding of property tax-related issues helps you provide a better quality of service. The U.S. tax code is ever evolving and recent changes to mortgage interest deductions, SALT caps, and tax brackets impact every level of the industry.

This course provides an overview of property-related tax issues and tax implications of buying, owning, and selling property.

Course Highlights:

  • Recent tax changes
  • General tax sources and taxable income
  • Taxes as they apply to principal and secondary residences
  • Tax bracket changes and affordability
  • Point and fee deductions, interest deductions, and refinancing deductions
  • SALT caps
  • Transfer taxes and recording fees
  • Capital gains and losses, property repairs and capital improvements, and capital gain taxation rates and rules
  • Activities and scenarios to provide real-world context for course content