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RESPA, Referrals and Revenue Streams (Consumer Service)

3 total hours
*This course is approved for 3 hours of Consumer Service in California.

Licensees often look for additional forms of revenue, often in the forms of referrals and affiliated business arrangements. While it is acceptable to have additional streams of business revenue, and referrals are the lifeblood of real estate, how referrals are made and to whom, and how affiliated business arrangements are handled and disclosed can mean the difference between extra income and the loss of one’s license.

This course presents the how-tos of referrals and additional revenue streams against the backdrop of real estate disclosure law and RESPA (Real Estate Settlement Providers Act) regulations. 

Course Highlights include:

  • Real estate transactions and service providers covered by RESPA.
  • Real-life scenarios of what not to do in order to stay in compliance with RESPA
  • How RESPA and California law differ in regard to finder fees
  • An in-depth look at affiliated business arrangements, and RESPA rules relating to AfBAs
  • Alternate revenue streams for licensees