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Arkansas Post-Licensing COURSE

Arkansas Post-Licensing:Arkansas Salesperson Post-Licensing

Arkansas Salesperson Post-Licensing

18 Total hours
0 Elective hours
18 Mandatory hours

We know—you just completed your pre-licensing education. What could you possible have left to learn? As it turns out, quite a bit. Your 18-hour post-licensing course not only comprehensively reviews the basics you learned in your earlier studies—it also takes a deep dive into applying these concepts to your everyday real estate practice. Broken into three six-hour modules—Practical Application of Agency and Disclosure, Real Estate Contracts, and From Contract to Closing—the post-licensing content is designed specifically for newly practicing salespersons who want to connect the dots between agency types and ethical agency dilemmas, contract law and actually filling out a contract form, and closing documents and the people you’ll actually meet on the road from contract to closing.

By both reviewing real estate fundamentals and giving you a detailed picture of agency, contracts, and the transaction process, this course ensures that you’re prepared to protect the interests of your clients, your customers, and the general public.

The course meets Arkansas’s mandatory requirement for the 18-hour Post-Licensing Course for Salespersons.     

Course highlights include:

  • Agency relations in Arkansas
  • Agency within the firm
  • Marketing, advertising, and agency
  • The importance of informed consent
  • Potential conflicts of interest with dual agency
  • Ethical dilemmas and agency
  • Review of essential contract elements
  • Presenting offers, multiple offers, and counter-offers
  • Avoiding contract errors and violations
  • Overcoming buyer objections to representation
  • Risk management through property disclosure
  • Preparing the buyer and seller for closing
  • Third parties involved in a transaction
  • Avoiding closing missteps
  • Typical buyer and seller closing costs
  • A closer look at the Closing Disclosure