Arizona Continuing Education Course: Navigating Arizona Agency (Agency Law)

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Arizona CE:Navigating Arizona Agency (Agency Law)

Navigating Arizona Agency (Agency Law)

3.0 Total hours
0.0 Elective hours
3.0 Mandatory hours

Real estate practice hinges on the concept of agency, where real estate professionals represent the needs of buyers and/or sellers.  Buyers and sellers may choose to act for themselves as customers or to enter into an agency agreement whereby the licensee/brokerage firm acts for them in the capacity of an agent.  Agency means to act for another in a fiduciary manner.  This course explores no representation, full representation, and dual agency with its limited representation.

Course highlights:

  • Fiduciary duties agents owe to customers and clients, and how the duties impact your daily real estate activities
  • Activities and duties associated with your role as a listing agent
  • Role and responsibilities of a buyer’s agent or dual agent
  • Implied agreements and express agreements, cancelling agreements
  • Record keeping requirements

This course counts as 3 mandatory hours in Agency Law in Arizona.