Alaska Real Estate Continuing Education Course: Advertising and Social Media in Alaska

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Alaska CE:Advertising and Social Media in Alaska

Advertising and Social Media in Alaska

2 Total hours
0 Elective hours
2 Core/DCE hours

Your advertisements say as much about you and your brokerage as they do the properties you’re promoting. Think about it this way: What will consumers assume if you leave off your broker’s name from your ads? What will consumers think if your business cards feature only the address of your home office? What will buyers think if they catch you padding a property’s square footage in your listing materials?

Not only would you come across as dishonest, but you could face various disciplinary actions. Successful advertising involves more than a clever turn of phrase or impeccable interior shots. It requires an attention to detail, a mindful of observance of regulations, and a nod to ethical best practices and standards.

Course highlights include:

  • A review of Alaska advertising requirements regarding consumer- and licensee-owned properties and home offices
  • Tips on how to recognize discrimination in advertising and how to avoid it
  • Examples of the difference between misrepresentation and puffery
  • A look at how Articles 12 and 15 of the National Association of REALTORS®’ Code of Ethics apply to print and social media advertising campaigns
  • Tips for safeguarding against the risks associated with advertising via social media
  • Information on how to avoid charges of plagiarism and copyright infringement
  • A review of how to properly use trademarks
  • Engaging activities to align course content with your real estate practice