New Jersey Requirements Resources

We've provided the information below to help our New Jersey students get the correct Continuing Education.

Check Your Hours

  1. How many hours do I have already? / How many hours do I need?

    New Jersey compiles all hours taken, and allows licensees to view any hours taken/needed on the PSI NJ Real Estate CE Tracking System. This can be accessed at


  2. How do I know my Continuing Education requirements have been completed?

    • Continuing Education credits needed for compliance will be listed in the requirements display.


    • Once your Continuing Education work has been completed, the bars will fill and each portion will be checked.


    • Having more credits than needed in a particular topic is acceptable. Please note that any credits taken over 12 do not count towards the next cycle.

  3. What renewal cycle am I in?

    • The current renewal cycle is 2019-2021. It runs from 7/1/2019-7/19/2021. CE must be completed by May 31st to avoid a fine, and licenses must be renewed by July 19th.

    • The previous renewal cycle plan was 2017-2019. If your license is inactive or in referral, you will need to apply some courses to this previous cycle. Please see the flowchart for information on how to apply your coursework.

    • The next renewal cycle is 2021-2023. Courses cannot be completed for this cycle until 7/20/2021 at the earliest.

    • You can select which renewal cycle you are viewing in your account on PSI.

  4. More questions?


Check Your License Status

  1. Are you an active, referral, or inactive agent?

    You can check the status of your license at the New Jersey License Search page, here:

    • You may search by either your name or your license number.


    • After performing the search, you will see your license number, type, and status all listed. Please note, the REF NUM is your individual license number and is what is required for reporting.


    • You may click on your license status for further details regarding your license.

How To Choose the Correct Cycle

  1. When to choose the 2017-2019 cycle. (Previous Cycle)

    The 2017-2019 cycle is used when a licensee is activating a referral or inactive license. The credits required to change the license status will all be applied to the previous cycle.

    • Example 1. A licensee needs 12 hours to reactivate an inactive license. These 12 hours are applied to 2017-2019.

    • Example 2. A licensee needs to complete X CORE hours to change their referral status to active. These hours are applied to 2017-2019.

  2. When to choose the 2019-2021 cycle. (Current Cycle)

    The 2019-2021 cycle is used when a licensee is renewing a currently active license. Licensees who recently changed their license status to active after making up CE requirements will then also complete 12 hours to renew their now active license.

    Example 3. A licensee recently changed their status from referral to active. They will now do the renewal requirements and apply them to the 2019-2021 cycle.

    • Example 1. A licensee has been active since receiving their license. They will complete the CE hours and apply them to the 2019-2021 cycle.

    • Example 2.Example 2. A licensee recently reinstated their previously inactive license. They will now do the renewal requirements and apply them to the 2019-2021 cycle.

    Note: The 2021-2023 cycle does not begin until 7/20/2021.