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BioSig Enrollment Step-by-Step Instructions

NMLS requires that each student sets up a BioSig-ID and uses it to verify their identity throughout the course.

If you have a BioSig password from a previous course, you will be able to skip enrollment.

  1. Start BioSig Enrollment

    To begin, select the "Enroll with BioSig ID" button.

  2. Choose Input Device

    Choose your input device; (e.g., mouse, stylus, touchpad, or touchscreen).

    Consider your course device: Your password will be linked to the device you select, so select the device you are most likely to use for this course.

    Use a mouse or a stylus: You may find that using a mouse or stylus as your input device is easier to control than using a touchscreen or touchpad.

  3. Choose Your Password

    Select a four number/letter password to enroll with BioSig ID.

    Keep it simple: When selecting a password, you can select something simple and easy to remember. What's important about your biometric password is the way you write it, not that it's hard to guess.

    Remember how you draw: Pay close attention to the number of strokes you use and where you position each number/letter within the box.

    Use straight lines: You may find that using numbers/letters with straight lines (X or 7) is easier to replicate than numbers/letters with curvy lines (G or 0).

  4. Re-Enter Your Password

    You will then be asked to repeat your password twice more.

    Select "Restart" if it gets too difficult: If you’re having difficulty repeating your password now, it will also likely be difficult to repeat this password throughout your course. Try using the “Restart” button to start over.

  5. Enroll with Click-ID

    You will then be asked to Enroll with Click-ID. This password will be used in case you forget your original BioSig passcode.

    Make it your BioSig password: Making your Click-ID password the same as your BioSig-ID password will make it easier for you to remember your backup password if your BioSig-ID password is not recognized.

  6. Re-Enter Your Click-ID

    You will be asked to recreate your Click-ID password twice more.

  7. Re-Enter Your Bio-Sig ID One Last Time

    Finally, you will be asked to re-create your BioSig password one final time.

BioSig Troubleshooting Resources