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Below are free Louisiana real estate practice exam questions that will closely resemble your licensing exam. Review these questions and see what you know! The answers are provided beneath the question set.

1. What's true of the agency relationship in Louisiana transaction brokerage?

  1. Designated agency is created in transaction brokerage.
  2. Dual agency is created in transaction brokerage.
  3. No agency relationship is created in transaction brokerage.
  4. Traditional agency is created in transaction brokerage.

2. " Dezerea is a Louisiana licensee who is representing the buyer in a foreclosure transaction. Does she have to provide a personal interest disclosure to the other parties to the transaction?"

  1. "No, because Dezerea has no personal interest in the transaction.
  2. No, because the personal interest disclosure requirement doesn’t apply to distressed properties.
  3. Yes, because Louisiana law requires that she do so.
  4. Yes, but only if her client’s offer is accepted.

3. Valencia is getting ready to renew her Louisiana real estate license. What must she do before applying?

  1. Complete 12 hours of continuing education.
  2. Complete 40 hours of pre-licensing education.
  3. Provide a copy of her driver's license.
  4. Take the Louisiana real estate exam again.

4. Broker Vance just moved out of his brokerage office in New Orleans and opened a branch office in Baton Rouge. What must he do before he opens his doors to the public?

  1. Hire a receptionist
  2. Make sure his branch office is licensed
  3. Pay the first month's lease
  4. Put up a sign

5. Frieda is practicing dual agency, and neither party seems to mind, even though she didn't obtain informed consent. Is this legal?

  1. No. Dual agency is always illegal.
  2. No. Without written informed consent dual agency is illegal.
  3. Only if she doesn't get caught.
  4. Yes, if the parties are agreeable.

6. Louisiana mortgages are unusual in that they allow mortgages to be established for what?

  1. Any amount of money
  2. Commercial property
  3. Non-monetary obligations
  4. Residential property only

7. Parker just became a supervising broker in Baton Rouge. Which of the following is one of his required duties?

  1. Approve his licensees' business expenses.
  2. Attend closings for all licensees.
  3. Establishing work hours for his licensees.
  4. Monitor licensees' paperwork.

8. Holly is a real estate licensee in Louisiana, and she has three other licensees working under her supervision. What type of license does Holly hold?

  1. Associate broker
  2. Broker
  3. Office manager
  4. Salesperson
Answers: 1. C, 2. A, 3. A, 4. B, 5. B, 6. C, 7. D, 8. B


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