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Get your lederhosen ready because Oktoberfest is nähe! We explore the top 5 Oktoberfests for sipping on beer steins in the United States.
September 19, 2019

Top 5 Oktoberfests in the US

by The CE Shop Team

Get Your Lederhosen Ready Because Oktoberfest is Nähe!

No, the thick yeasty-barley aroma you’re smelling is not a sign of a stroke. It’s just the beginning of Oktoberfest!

Every year, thousands of Germans pay pilgrimage to this the half-month long drinking bonanza by visiting Munich, Germany and celebrating with copious amounts of beer, bratwursts, and chicken dancing. Outside the country, over 6 million people join in their own festivities throughout the United States. We want to commemorate this holiday by highlighting the top 5 Oktoberfests in America for drinking das boots and having a merry good time. These festivals should be a great place to take the family and meet new clients for your growing business. 

5. Denver, Colorado

Considered the most modern version west of the Rhine, the Denver Oktoberfest takes the best of this tradition––German-styled beer, Bavarian feasts, keg bowling––while leaving behind all the feather hats and other traditional clothing. There are stein-hoisting competitions, pretzel racks, and live music from local Denver bands playing sounds that don’t resemble anything Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit. Oh, and you’re about a mile high in elevation, making that beer buzz a little more “buzzy”.

4. Cincinnati Zinzinnati, Ohio

The Oktoberfest Zinzinnati is one of the largest festivals in the country, hosting 50,000 beer-guzzling patrons per year. Featuring an overabundance of delicious German cuisine, this Oktoberfest festival takes things up a notch. There’s the Running of the Wieners (Dachshund dog race), the world’s largest chicken dance competition, and a brat eating championship. Throw in all the music jiving up the atmosphere, and this is an Oktoberfest you have to visit. 

3. La Crosse, Wisconsin

Snuggled right at the Wisconsin-Minnesota border, this small town has hosted “Das Beste” longer than any other Oktoberfest in the Midwest. The festivities include several different parades, like the Torchlight Parade and a plethora of fun and unique activities you won’t find elsewhere. They even name a royal family, designating a Fest Master and Miss Oktoberfest. Make sure to have ample room in your stomach, as beer lovers will want to check out the Craft Beer Night and Barks & Brews. 

2. New Braunfels, Texas 

This Oktoberfest––known as Wurstfest––happens right off the Comal river. There you enjoy delicious food, German and Texan beer, and “the finest in Alpine and Bavarian-style Entertainment”. This sausage-fueled festival has everything you want in an Oktoberfest. Also, make sure to check out their website, as they have tons of great videos teaching you how to Chicken dance, speak “necessary” German phrases, and more!

1. Helen, Georgia 

If you’re looking for a fully-immersive Oktoberfest, look no further than Helen, Georgia. This small town with a population of 572 was designed to look like an exact replica of German towns in the high Alps while featuring a barrage of boutique specialty shops, polka dancing, and goulash...lots and lots of goulash. And if you can’t make it for Oktoberfest, don’t worry. The town is always holding events throughout the year, celebrating their German heritage and influence. 

Oktoberfest festivals are more than just drinking, eating, and German commemoration; they are the perfect place to get to know your town and expand your network. Wherever you decide to celebrate Oktoberfest, make it a “fun, enjoy yourself, and, Hey, I heard you might need an agent for that house” type of weekend. And, of course, drink responsibly, because no one likes a sloppy real estate agent messily gorging on bratwursts and liter-sized das boots. 

Other than that, genießt die Oktoberfest-Saison, bevor es zu spät ist!
(If you don’t know what that means, drink a few Weihenstephan Hefe Weissbiers. It’ll make sense in no time.)

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