How to Get Your New York Broker Real Estate License


Becoming licensed may seem like a daunting undertaking at first, but we’ve demystified the process for you. Follow these simple steps to get started today!


Qualification Requirements:

At least two years of experience as a licensed real estate Salesperson or at least three years of experience in the general real estate field.

Satisfactorily completed both the qualifying Salesperson 75-hour course and an additional 45-hour real estate Broker course approved by the state.

You have passed the state Broker exam.



Meet the time requirement as a salesperson or the experience requirement in the general real estate field.

Additional information can be accessed here.



Successfully complete the 45-hour Broker Pre-Licensing course.

Why choose The CE Shop for Pre-Licensing? LEAP is the best of the classroom environment with the convenience of online delivery. We offer an engaging learning experience with the freedom and flexibility of online learning.


Complete the course final exam with a proctor.

After you complete all the course materials, meet the minimum time requirement, and the pass the practice exam, there is a 100-question final exam. The passing score is 70%. According to state rules, you are only allowed to take this exam twice. That’s why we give you a practice exam first.

You must take this in the presence of a proctor who has been approved by the DOS. You’ll need to schedule an appointment with a proctor in advance. We have a list of proctoring locations available here.


Schedule, take, and pass the state broker exam.

Schedule the real estate broker exam via the Occupational Licensing Management System, eAccessNy here. Additional information regarding the state exam can be accessed here.



Complete and submit the broker license application form with the $150 licensing fee.



Once the application is processed and approved, the new broker license will be issued.


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