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Commercial Landlord Representation


  • An analysis of the commercial real estate market as it stands today.
  • A description of the in-house and external landlord reps, and why landlords choose to work with landlord reps.
  • A survey of a panel of six landlord representatives who have a combined total of nearly 200 years of experience in commercial real estate.
  • A look at additional training, accreditations, and associations for commercial real estate professionals.
  • A comparison of different types of commercial leases.
  • An overview of the tenant build-out process.
  • A timeline with activities for landlord reps from hire to full execution of a commercial leasing listing contract.


  • Define the relationship between a leasing Broker and a building owner/landlord, and explain the key activities all leasing brokers should emphasize in their practice.
  • Describe the commercial leasing environment, and the factors that influence the commercial leasing market.
  • Compute cap rates and be able to use them to evaluate commercial real estate investments.
  • Describe the commercial leasing process from start to finish so that clients understand.