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Last year, the auctions selling these distressed properties, like a DebtX, we're highly functioning but featured very few viable properties resembling what we saw in 2008. Right now, the US is getting a $2 trillion dollar bailout. Will this be enough to stop future foreclosures? No one really knows. However, odds are, with the entire economy stalling, there will be foreclosures on properties purchasing at discount. It just seems inevitable.

However, the chances of this pandemic creating a dramatically increased market similar to 2008 are very unlikely. Remember, this is a one-time event similar to 9/11 (a time when property values actually went up) compared to 2008 (when millions owned enough toxic mortgages to practically obliterate Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and mega insurers like AIG). Structurally, we are currently sound but again, time will tell.